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Puckerz! 1.1 is Now Online

Hello boys and girls! It’s been a while. Update 1.1 is now available on the app store! I’m going to run down some of the features we added/changed in the update. We hope that you’ll find the remastered version of Puckerz! more enjoyable! Retina Support Yes, the new remastered version now supports Retina display. You [...]

Puckerz! Top 5 in iPhoneQualityIndex

We’re very happy to announce that Puckerz! is now at the Top 5 spot in the iPhoneQualityIndex. Check out the image below! Thanks for all the support! Keep ‘em coming! Also, stay tuned for some major updates before February ends!  

Puckerz! New Screenshots

Hi again everyone! We’ve uploaded some new screenshots from Puckerz! You can now have a first look at the Puck selection screen and level selection screen. Also, you can see in one of the screenshots below, one of the power tokens in the game – the Speed token, which makes your Puck go faster.


Hello everyone! We are officially announcing our first game for the iPhone titled Puckerz. It’s an arcade game where you launch your Puck of choice to collect orbs within a given time limit. You can visit the about page for more info about the game. We’ll upload some demo videos in the following weeks but [...]

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