FindMySoft Review of Puckerz! v1.1

Hello again everyone!

Our friends at FindMySoft has written a review about Puckerz!, and has given the game their Badge of Excellence.

I know, we’ve been silent for the past couple of months about the game, but rest assured we’re up to something BIG so watch this space of the web for some major announcements from us in the following months!

Until then, keep enjoying Puckerz!

Puckerz! 1.1 is Now Online

Hello boys and girls! It’s been a while. Update 1.1 is now available on the app store! I’m going to run down some of the features we added/changed in the update. We hope that you’ll find the remastered version of Puckerz! more enjoyable! :)

Retina Support
Yes, the new remastered version now supports Retina display. You can now enjoy the game in its full glory on your iPhone 4. We’ve also updated the UI! It now looks more awesome than before. :)

In-game Zooming
You can now enjoy playing the game zoomed-out, if that is your preference. You can still play the game zoomed-in if you want to see all the action up-close and personal.

Puck Braking
See the new orange bar at the bottom of the screen? It’s actually the Puck-braking bar. You can now hit the brakes on your Puck by touching the screen. Braking will consume the orange bar but it will replenish slowly over time. Use it wisely. :)

2 New Game Modes
Test your mettle in the new Time-Attack mode where you only have 10 seconds to start off with. Time bonuses are bigger this time around so you better hurry up and collect some orbs! If you want to REALLY take your time playing, try the new Sudden Death mode. In this mode you can take all the time you want, there’s no time limit, just make sure that you collect at least 1 orb in each shot. If you miss, game over.

3-Star Ranking System
We’ve abandoned the entire badge system in favor of the more understandable 3-star scoring system. This will make it more obvious for our players how much they’ve achieved in a level. All previous scores are still saved and are ranked accordingly so no worries. :)

Improved Level Design
We’ve redesigned most of the levels for better progression and difficulty curve.

We’ve uploaded a video about the 1.1 update on Youtube. You can watch the video below. Enjoy!

Puckerz! FREE Version Out

Hello guys and gals! We’ve recently released a lite version of Puckerz! called Puckerz! FREE. You can now download it on iTunes.

Puckerz! is on FreeAppReport

Hello everyone! Puckerz! is featured in FreeAppReport as one of the week’s best iPhone games.

Check it out on FreeAppReport!

Puckerz! is Free on Openfeint

Hello everyone! Puckerz! is currently today’s featured free game on Openfeint. So get it now!

Right now Puckerz! is sitting at the Top 5 spot on iPhoneQualityIndex for the month of February. We’ve been getting a lot of great reviews so far from different review sites, namely Gamezebo, 148Apps, TouchGen, LootNinja, iFanzine, AppSmile, AppSpy, TouchReviews, and NineOverTen, among others.

We are currently working on an update for the game. Retina support was something we wrestled with early on and decided to skip it for our first release. We will be including it on our next update. There will also be some some bug fixes, and some level restructuring for difficulty tweaks. Expect the update around mid to late March. Thanks to everybody who downloaded the game!

Puckerz! Top 5 in iPhoneQualityIndex

We’re very happy to announce that Puckerz! is now at the Top 5 spot in the iPhoneQualityIndex. Check out the image below!


Thanks for all the support! Keep ‘em coming! Also, stay tuned for some major updates before February ends!


Puckerz! Now Available on the App Store

We are very excited to announce that Puckerz! is now available on the App store for only $0.99!

Groundbreaking Games today released their first iOS game Puckerz!, an arcade action game for iPhone and iPod touch devices where players take control of a Puck and launch it around a destructible environment to collect as many orbs as they can before the time runs out.

In the game, players can choose from 7 different Pucks and are given at least 2 minutes to bounce around a level to collect orbs. Players need to collect at least 75% of the orbs in any given level to advance to the next. In addition to that, by planning their shots well, players can get time bonuses from 5 up to 25 seconds.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds because every level has been barricaded by layers of destroyable bricks that players need to plow through in order for them to complete the goal. To ramp up the challenge even further, Puckerz! add into the mix a couple of impenetrable blocks and a slew of carefully laid traps that once it catches a Puck, players will incur a 10-second time penalty.

The game offers 30 levels in its first release, accompanied by 4 powerups that will keep the experience fresh. With its sleek interface style, rich level design, fast physics-based gameplay and engaging soundtrack, Puckerz! hopes to be a unique mobile game experience for casual and hardcore gamers alike.

“Puckerz!’s intuitive controls makes it very approachable. Anyone can pick it up, play and enjoy. Yet it offers a depth that makes it replayable and very much suitable for leaderboards. Players who like getting stars will end up playing a level over and over again,” says Anthony Garcia, designer of Puckerz!.

Puckerz! is now available on the App Store for $0.99, featuring:

  • easy to pick up and play experience,
  • sleek, techno eye candy graphics,
  • 30 fun and challenging levels,
  • 7 cool pucks to choose from,
  • an engaging soundtrack,
  • 29 unique achievements, and
  • leaderboards integrated via Game Center and OpenFeint.

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Puckerz! for iPhone Goes Gold: Official Trailer Part 2 Released

Puckerz! has officially gone gold and will hit the App Store by February 2011. Groundbreaking Games marks this momentous occasion with the release of the 2nd Official Trailer of the game.

We’re very happy to announce that we have already submitted the game to Apple for review. All we can do now is wait and see. :)

Puckerz! is an exciting new arcade game for the iPhone where players take control of a Puck of their choice and launch it to any direction to collect as many orbs as they can before the time runs out. With its intuitive controls, players can drag, aim, release and unleash their Pucks, and watch it bounce around and wreak havoc around a destructible environment.

The game combines the fast-paced, addictive fun and action of pinball and breakout games, yet still offers a fresh experience by allowing players to aim and control the speed of the Puck, and by adding various gameplay elements such as Power Tokens to help the Puck, and Landmines and Pockets to hinder the Puck along the way.

The game features:

  • easy to pick up and play experience,
  • sleek, techno eye candy graphics,
  • 30 fun and challenging Levels,
  • 7 cool Pucks to choose from,
  • 29 unique Achievements,
  • and Leaderboards in Game Center and OpenFeint.

Puckerz! New Screenshots

Hi again everyone! We’ve uploaded some new screenshots from Puckerz! You can now have a first look at the Puck selection screen and level selection screen. Also, you can see in one of the screenshots below, one of the power tokens in the game – the Speed token, which makes your Puck go faster. :)

Puckerz! for iPhone: Official Trailer Part 1 Released

Hello everyone! We’re launching the Puckerz! campaign with this first official trailer. Puckerz! is now in closed beta and we’re on the verge of submitting it for review! Hopefully it will get approved by the first week of February, or maybe even earlier (crossing our fingers). All of us at Groundbreaking Games are very excited, and we hope you guys are too!

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